www.11aviation.com VFR Airband Listening Terms of Use


  1. The purpose of VFR Airband Streaming is educational. The target group of users are student pilots, pilots with low R/T experience and/or experience pilots unfamiliar with local (Greek) VFR procedures.
  2. We expect you to keep any account passwords and other secure information to yourself.
  3. Live VFR Airband is for non-commercial (personal) use only - that means you can't use VFR Broadcast and the audio streams for personal gain, financial or otherwise.
  4. You can't produce and distribute a dedicated desktop or mobile application designed to make the VFR Airband Services directly available, without written permission of 11aviation.com.
  5. You will not use the VHF Airband of www.11aviation.com web site for any aviation, commercial, operational, law enforcement, or judicial activity that relies on the availability, validity, or accuracy of VFR Airband . While it contains authentic ATC broadcasts, it is mainly for training and secondary for entertainment purposes only.
  6. You will only access the VFR Airband web site with an interactive web browser (or other authorized agents, which include general purpose media players) and not with any program, collection agent, or "robot" for the purpose of automated retrieval of content, unless you are granted permission by VFR Airband to do so.
  7. You will not use the VFR Airband Streaming web site for the purpose of conducting illegal activity.
  8. Your use of www.11aviation.com VFR Airband in any way means you agree to the Terms of Use.

Work better with Internet Explorer browswer. If you need technical support, you may contact VFR Airband Streaming support. (support@11aviation.com)